Covid-19 Protocals

  1. Hand Sanitizers are available for the congregation’s use before the entrance of the sanctuary and in front of the church’s office. Additional bottles will be with Ushers.

  2. Anyone entering the church will be temperature checked at the door. (On the wrist.)

  3. Mask are mandatory. If a member has forgotten their mask, one will be provided for them.

  4. Social Distancing will be practiced. (6 Feet apart.)

  5. The offering plates will be located in front of the altar for you to place your tithes and offerings in.

  6. Microphones will be in the aisles for you to give testimony or request prayer. (Ushers will sanitize with a clorox wipe after each use.)

  7. Hymnals and Bibles will not be used. All hymns will be printed in the bulletins for the congregation’s participation.

  8. Restrooms will be sanitized prior to Sunday Service and again after. Members and Friends are reminded to wash hands. (Sign will be posted in Restroom)

  9. Door handles will be sanitized prior to Sunday Service and again after.

  10. All Ushers must wear rubber gloves when distributing the Sunday Bulletins and Life’s Lessons.

  11. Signs will be placed on the front doors of the church to instruct everyone to use the entrance on the Van Houten Street side. Ushers will ensure no one enters from the front doors and will re-direct to the Van Houten Street side entrance.

  12. Form will be used to record each member and friend’s name and temperature that attends Sunday Service. (This is for tracing abilities)

  13. Signs will be placed throughout the church building indicating Social Distancing and Mandatory Mask wearing.

  14. Ushers will physically usher members and friends to seats.

  15. Security will be posted at the Van Houten Street entrance.