Who are we

While being Presbyterian may not be a question of life or death, we need each other and how we help each other to live the Christian life faithfully and well.


UPC is an ecumenical Church (a universal church). It is one way of being a Christian. As Presbyterians, we believe we are part of God's household. As human beings, we are "reformed, and always being reformed according to the Word of God." We are forever a work in progress, always seeking to better understand God's will for us, and to respond accordingly.


We are a connectional Church. Being Presbyterian means that we believe we need others to discern God's will. We need others to do just about anything. The reason we do almost everything by committee is that we think the Church makes a lot more mistakes when too few people have too much power.


We are a missional Church. We as Presbyterians do not exist to maintain itself, but to embody Christ's love, mercy, justice and peace in the world.

We are a confessional Church. We as Presbyterians have a Book of Confessions, a collection of theological documents written at different times through the years when questions within the Church or circumstances beyond it made it necessary to state publicly (or "confess") our basic understanding of God, the Gospel, and how we are to live as a Church as a result.